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Our Mission

To minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating gospel through word and deed. At every level of our church, we shall engage in carrying out our mission and purpose. We shall seek out and save the lost, and serve the needy through a continuing program of:

  • Preaching the gospel

  • Feeding the hungry

  • Clothing the naked

  • Housing the homeless

  • Cheering the fallen

  • Providing jobs for the jobless

  • Administering to the needs of those in prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, asylums and mental institutions, senior citizens' homes; caring for the sick, the shut-in, the mentally and socially disturbed

  • Encouraging thrift and economic advancement.

What We Believe

Bethel AME Church of San Diego is a Church that seeks to minister to the total person.  We believe that through PRAYER, STUDY, and FELLOWSHIP one with another, as the early Church; we are able to disciple others to live a life in Christ.  We strive to reach the community and the world by following a threefold purpose, which is to:  

“Glorify God, Exemplify Excellence, and Edify the Body of Christ!”

  • We Believe that the Bible is our guide- the inerrant; Holy Spirit inspired, written word of

  • We Believe in the Holy Trinity: God the Father; God the Son and God, the Holy Spirit.

  • We Believe that Salvation comes through Grace, Repentance, and Renewal of the mind, body, and spirit.

  • We Believe that we are set apart for God’s purpose which is to continue the work of Christ! We believe with a “Right Spirit and a Right Mind” we will reach the masses...

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